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My 7 Day yoga retreat at Wabi Sabi was divine. Everything was so welcoming starting with the panoramic view from the from porch, the temperature in the mountain and the smell of the flowers in bloom. The yoga deck nestled amongst the trees is really a special treat.

The food by Ali is delicious and fresh …all from the local market. I have to say the 2 or 3 rivers within walking distance from the property won my heart. Make this a daily visit…your body and soul will thank you for it.
I’ve been dreaming of my return to Wabi Sabi…this place is like coming home to myself!

Eat well, Love yourself and live fabulously!!

– Shakti Rossano CHHC, AADP
Certified Holistic Health Coach

Staying at Wabi Sabi makes me feel like I’ve arrived home. The land, the trees, the river, fruits, people, flowers, even the amazing bugs help me ground back to my roots. All the green that surrounds me while I’m at Wabi Sabi almost feels like therapy to me eyes. It’s not a high end, all inclusive resort, its better. It has an even more appealing charm through its authenticity. This is the REAL Jamaica that I crave when I visit the island. A word of warning though: You will fall in love with the staff (and the island) and might never want to leave.. You may find yourself making excuses to stay longer!

– Nathalie Morot
Yoga and Painting Instructor

Hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Wabi Sabi offers humble country living at its finest. This spacious property has plenty of outdoor spots to relax, meditate and get reconnected with nature. The beautiful house has a personality of its own. It’s so comforting, it feels like home. I loved hiking down the mountain, swimming in the river, practicing on the yoga deck, and eating the delicious fresh-made meals. I can’t wait to go back!

– Jeremy Ho On

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