The Wabi Sabi Concept

The Japanese idea of Wabi Sabi relates to appreciating the perfection in imperfection: loving the signs of aging, like the patina of fine wood; the lines on a face of a life well-lived. Finding the beauty in utter simplicity.

Wabi Sabi Retreat

This lovely home is located on 5 acres of Jamaican hillside and forest with views of a partial mountain and a sliver of sea. The very nature of this simple, lovely home urges you on to the appreciation of what is real and lasting. By meditating, swimming, walking, practicing yoga, and contemplating natural beauty we begin to approach the Wabi Sabi attitude in our lives.

"Find the beauty, appreciation and love of your own perfectly imperfect life, simple, authentic self - find it at Wabi Sabi."


I have been to Wabi Sabi twice, loved it so much I brought a group on the second trip. We love it there! It's a great reminder of the simple life. This essence of this place is living with less and enjoying it more. Connecting with nature, going for walks and swimming in the rivers close by is a treat. Be prepared to slow way down, be patient, and becom more present. A true Jamaican experience indeed! Oh and the food is Jamaican style with Alli B in the kitchen - he's the man!
For me Wabi Sabi is a breath of fresh air. I feel like I am in a timeless sanctuary where I can forget that worries and much of modern troubles exist. The yoga deck is absolutely one of my favorite places to practice. I love the intimacy and being right there with nature.

About the owner:

The property was purchased by Gaia Budhai as a home for her mother, Blossom Budhai, in 2002 where they planned to do simple retreats, serve simple, fresh, wholesome food. Her mother Blossom was the founder of the Jamaican organic growers association. She also founded the Jamaican vegetarian society through which she met and cooked for Bob Marley...
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